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 Compassion Fatigue/Grief and Loss Workshop


“Compassion Fatigueis a natural consequence of stress resulting from caring and helping traumatized or suffering people or animals. Compassion Fatigue is a set of symptoms, not a disease. The outward signs are displays of stress resulting from giving care to others…….. ’’   (Smith, P., 2008) 


In addition to caregivers being negatively impacted, agencies may experience high absenteeism, negativity towards management, teams having difficulty working together and more, as a result of their employees experiencing Compassion Fatigue. Recognizing and dealing with Compassion Fatigue canbenefit caregivers and those whose lives they touch.


Sadly, dealing with loss and grief often comes with being a caregiver. While everyone’s grief is unique, learning about the myths of grieving and coping skills can help caregivers as they deal with their own loss as well as support others who are grieving. 


This Compassion Fatigue/Grief and Loss workshop offers practical strategies that can be utilized by caregivers as they take care of others and themselves.  Contact Clifton Glore for details.

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