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Members of the LGBTQ community face the same issues and concerns of those not part of the community. In addition, they face stressors such as being misunderstood and feared, prejudice, and discrimination. Coping with the pressure of being part of a marginalized group can lead to one becoming stronger. Unfortunately, the pressure often results in depression, stress, anxiety, a lack of self confidence, substance abuse, difficulty trusting others, an unwillingness to take risks, and more. 

Having a therapist who is accepting of the LGBTQ community and understanding of what they contend with is an important, necessary element of the counseling experience. When searching for a therapist, ask them about their perspective on LGBTQ issues and how their approach will enhance your therapy experience.

Book Recommendations
* Becomiong Nicole:The Transformation of an American Family - Amy Ellis Nutt

 *Losing Uncle Tim - MaryKate Jordan

* Married Women Who Love Women - Carren Stock

* Trans People in Love - Tracie O'Keefe & Katrina Fox, editors




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