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Woman Standing on Docks

Grief and Loss


Grief is an intense emotional state associated with the loss of someone (or something) with whom (or which) one has had a deep bond. Not used as a synonym for depression,   (Reber, 1995)

While the messages received from society might leave one to believe there is a correct way to grieve, there isn't. The way people grieve is unique to them. Expecting people to grieve in a particular way and comparing their grief to that of someone else is doing them a disservice.

When considering a therapist to support you in your grief, look for someone who is patient, empathetic and understanding. 


Book Recommendations
*Saying Good-Bye To The Pet You Love - Lorri A. Green, & Jacquelyn Landis
*The ABCs of Healthy Grieving - Harold Ivan Smith
*The Needs of the Dying - David Kessler


People in grief need someone to walk with them without judging them.

                                                                                           Gail Sheehy


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